David Delgado in Florence, Italy


I’m David Delgado, a passionate explorer, and artist based in Los Angeles, California and originally from the exotic South American country of Colombia. I found the passion of exploring my surroundings and far places through photography, which has taught me how to view the world creatively.

My travels started back in 2010 after I began learning the art of photography. Back then my photography skills were weak; I started anxiously to practice by taking photos of places I founded attractive, and my joy for exploring began. To be able to capture in a picture what I was attracted to creatively at that moment it feels achieving. No, I’m here to share with you what I see and feel when I’m out there absorbing what is surrounding me.

I like to explore: Local spots, cities, countries, and any place with high mountains.

My favorite countries so far: Italy, Turkey, Thailand, and Cuba.

Most I like to photograph: Any interesting photo-street and nature photography.

Activities I enjoy besides exploring: Anything related to music, trying vegan restaurants, cycling in the outdoors, and practicing yoga.

Are you thinking of working together?

I’m open to collaborating with businesses that have a positive impact on their customers. Please get in touch with me if you think you are a good fit.


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