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In late November of last year, after spending a few days in Paris, I wanted to go to a place outside of France, so I took a three-hour train from Paris to Brugge in Belgium feeling excited to explore a new destination. When I arrived in Brugge, and I walk out of the train station, I was mesmerized of being in such an orderly place with easy access to the main attractions. Here are some photos of my experience.

Old Town of Brugge.

This photo was just before I was about to take a canal boat tour in the Old Town of Brugge. It started to drizzle and that made look even more beautiful. You can see the Church of Our Lady, which was built in the 13th century.

Preserved and classy buildings.

Brugge have been one of the most beautiful cities I have visited. Well preserved buildings from the 12th-15th century surrounded by canals and lovely streets.

Rooftop view at the De Halve Maan Brewery.

While I was in Brugge, I did a 45-minute beer tour at the De Halve Maan Brewery. I learned everything about the process, the flavors, and the equipment that it was used back in the day. The tour included a rooftop view where I was able to see the city peacefulness just right after sunset.

Rooftop view after sunset

Brugge Cityscape.

View of the city of Brugge and the Church of Our Lady from the Belfry Tower. The Belfry Tower originally built around 1240, it was rebuilt several times due to fires. I had fun getting to the top in its narrow staircase, and it was cool to watch how the tower clock and bell mechanically works.

Living the moment.

The view from where I was standing while taking this photo was picturesque. While I’m looking at this photo, I still feel like I’m still standing there observing every little detail.

Cold and drizzling.

In the last few years when I started to be more conscious about my body, I switch to enjoy cold over warm weather. I get a kick out of it, and it helps while traveling. It was cold and drizzling during this boat tour in Brugge, and it felt amazing. During the tour, I met cool people, and I also learn the history of centuries ago of Brugge.

Calming morning in Brugge.

Visiting this gorgeous town of Brugge in November was the ideal time for me to see it. With a mist and calming morning, it was an excellent time to capture this European scene.

The way to transport.

People only get around by bike, foot, and public transportation in Brugges, Belgium. I rented a bike for a day, and I was able to explore the town even deeper.

Standing at the Belfry Tower.

I was taking a look at The Markt (Market square) while I was climbing at the top of the Belfry Tower (83 meters tall).

Glamorous windows.

I liked the detail of this building that it was one block away from where I was staying in Brugge. I liked the glamorous looking windows on the second floor and the color paint combination of the whole building. This photo was early in the morning just after people were rushing on their bicycles to get to work.

Beer tour at the De Halve Maan Brewery.

Nothing beats this kind of rooftop view just right when the night is starting to arrive. I took this photo during the beer tour at the De Halve Maan Brewery in Brugge, and I had to be quick, so I didn’t miss the lesson about the beer making process.

Rooftop view of Brugge after sunset

The Markt (Market square).

Being in this spot in Brugge, felt like being inside of a Christmas cookie and chocolate package. I guess this is where all those packages got their inspiration. I wish I stopped traveling with my tripod because I don’t like to carry it when I have to be on foot, but I wish I had it for this photo to able to capture the light of the sky and the top of the buildings. One thing I recommend about this place is not eating in any of those restaurants; the food is terrible.

Autumn in Brugge.

It was almost the end of autumn, and for me, it felt like it was already the middle of winter. This photo was taken outside the St. Salvator’s Cathedral in Brugge, Belgium.

Something to admire.

I admired places where educated people preserve towns with a lot of historical value. The buildings in Brugge are older than all the Latin-American countries. And sadly, all of those Latin-American counties are still underdeveloped with no vision to move forward or save what is already valuable. It is important to teach and share real facts to change people’s perspectives.

Peaceful scenery.

While I was riding a bike in Brugge, I stumble upon this calm magnificent scenery with just a few local workers taking a break around the pond.

Monastery looking buildings.

Some of the buildings in Brugge have the look of those frighting monasteries.

Hard to believe.

Geese and ducks were swimming freely in the canals of Brugge. It’s hard to believe there are still trenches from the First World War only minutes away drive from this location.

 St. Salvator’s Cathedral.

The St. Salvator’s Cathedral is the oldest church in Brugge (12th–15th century). I was late when I got into the church, and I couldn’t get inside. I was still able to appreciate it from outside.

Windmills in Brugge

I was cruising on a bike around the old town in Brugge, and I found a bunch of windmills. This one was originally built in 1844 and rebuilt in 1911 after a storm accident.

Old vs Modern.

You see buildings that are centuries old in Brugges, and many of them have been remodeled interiorly with a modern style. It should be great owning a place with that personality.

The beautiful homes of Brugge.

I like houses made of burnt clay bricks. They look solid and decorative, and they always remind me of the homes in my neighborhood when I was four years old.

Tall building.

A building that almost looks like a chocolate bar. Belgium is famous for chocolate, and I was able to find dark chocolate without any dairy. The taste was pleasant, but I still prefer the raw-vegan cacao I buy in Los Angeles that I eat every day.

Not so many rounded shapes.

It wasn’t familiar to see buildings with rounded edges in Brugges. Most of the building shapes are either squared or rectangle that makes you feel like you are in Super Mario Bros (Haha). Lucky for the residents they get to see this uniqueness every day.


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