Cityscape during sunset in Havana, Cuba

Cuba (Part 1)

Photos of my trip to the lively city of Havana, Cuba. A very colorful city with colonial-era architecture and warm people. It has been my favorite place to photograph out of all the places I have been, and these are only half of the finalized photos. This post is just the first part of my visit to Havana.

Somos Cuba.

On my first day in Havana, I was looking for a traditional restaurant with vegan options, and I found this restaurant that it was more like having a meal at a local residence. The dining tables wherein the kitchen and the friendly owner with his Cuban heritage proudness treat his clients like they are his guests.

Concentrative state.

While I was walking in Havana to capture the most out of it, I saw this little kid dazing and immediately I got close to catch him in his concentrative state. I got delighted with the result of this photo.

Playing curiously.

When I was little living in Colombia, it was common to play and see kids having fun playing in the streets. That’s something you don’t see in California, even if it is the summer or a holiday. The kid in the photo was playing catch with two other kids, and at the same time, he was curious about whatever was going on inside the window. This playfulness reminded me of growing up in Cali, Colombia.

El Capitolio.

The Capitolio building located in the center of Havana, and it’s visited by many. I got there on foot and approaching the dome that is visible from far away. This building with french style architecture stands out because of the size, color, and how well preserved is.

Natural expression.

It amazing being able to capture people doing their daily activities and showing their natural expression in Havana. These type of moments are priceless.

Comfort behind the scenes.

The majority of the locals in Havana don’t mind people getting their photo Which helps to capture their natural expression. However, I did experience other people getting frustrating when I was invading their personal space. This photo an example of the locals not minding getting photographed that even the young guy standing in front of the window is picking his blackheads.

Football passion.

Watching kids playing football in foreign countries always fascinate me; especially in third world countries kids show their passion for the sport. This photo in Havana only took one shot. The perfect moment at the perfect time.

Warm weather.

The best time to visit Cuba is during winter in the northern hemisphere; the weather is not as hot in humid, and it rains less. It was still pretty warm for me now that I’m more sympathetic to cold weather.

Sonrisas Bellas (Beautiful smiles)

One of the things I enjoyed the most while I was staying in Cuba was the kindness of the people. They are always with a high spirit and looking for ways to have fun.

Influential architecture.

I had an educational Airbnb experience in Havana focused on architecture. I learned about the history of Havana and its influential architecture styles. If you are planning to go to Havana, I recommend doing this ‘Havana´s architecture, now and then‘ experience thru Airbnb with the host Ailyn.

El Malecón.

I was standing at the famous Malecón roadway. I used to see pictures of this seawall in Havana with the waves crashing and splashing the street. I didn’t see many people walking by; it feels like there is a gap between the ocean and the city.

Agricultural Markets.

Mercado Agropecuario Estatal (Agricultural Markets) – One of the markets owned by the government. For some reason, the elderly man in the red shirt was not happy with me taking photos.

Daily life.

My favorite things while I travel is catching the locals showing how they live. I like to compare what I see in my daily life versus the life of others in a different culture. I’m still wondering what is that white box stuck in the wall is. A speaker? I noticed it after I took the photo.

Bar El Angel de Tejadillo.

After I had an early dinner in Somos Cuba restaurant in Old Havana, I randomly met this guy named Juan Carlos. He invited me to Bar El Angel de Tejadillo where El Che Guevera used to hang out after the revolution. Juan Carlos told me a little bit about the history of the bar where you rarely see tourists inside. It’s the only bar where they sell the Comandante Che Guevara Cocktail. There is a short video of Juan Carlos at the bar on YouTube taken by a Polish tourist:

Old Town of Brugge.

One of the things I enjoyed the most while traveling is to pay attention to the architecture of the place I’m visiting. I’m not an architecture expert, but I still get drawn to the shapes, textures, and colors of the buildings; especially in places like in Old Havana where there is no perfection.

Sunset in Havana.

A beautiful sunset got to see from El Castillo De Los Tres Reyes Del Morro in Havana, Cuba. Lucky for the couple behind me taking a selfie for getting in this picture. Hehe!


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